1. We’re An American Band (Bordertown, Live at Gilley’s)
    This is such a fun song to play. Jim just nails the opening drum lick and Chad does a great job on the lead. I’m playing the harmony notes at the beginning of the lead.
  2. Summer Of 69 (Bordertown, Live Demo, 2017)
    Keith Scott is one of those guitar players who isn’t flashy but his note selection and phrasing is incredible. I tried to play this one note-for-note because it is a perfect lead.
  3. Barracuda (Bordertown, Live, 2009)
    Tough song to learn, especially with just two days to do it in. It isn’t perfect but overall I’m happy with it.
  4. Separate Ways (Bordertown, Live, 2009)
    My playing has been compared to Neal Schon’s more than any other guitarist. That is a huge compliment. Neal is a very melodic lead player and that is what I always want to be.
  5. Dust In The Wind (Bordertown, Live, 2009)
    One of my secrets is that I’ve always wanted to play violin. Playing Robbie Steinhardt’s violin part on guitar is as close as I’ve gotten. So far.
  6. Fill Me Up (Session, 1990)
    This is a very fun song written by one of my good friends, Chuck Law. The feel and tone I was going for was Daryl Steurmer from Genesis/Phil Collins. Some people have said this is my best guitar lead.
  7. The Heart Of God – Rhythm Guitars, Bass (Session, 1990)
    This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever played on. I got to do four parts on it – crunch rhythm, clean rhythm, lead, and bass.
    The Heart Of God – Outro Lead (Session, 1990)
    This is my favorite lead I’ve ever played. This whole section sounds so much like my favorite band, TOTO. I wish my tone would have been a little better but I still love it.
  8. Stormy Monday (Session, 1988)
    This is from a date with Gary and the Grinders. I have to admit, playing blues with Gary Hutchison is a little intimidating. But I managed to get over the intimidation and play a pretty decent lead.
  9. Something In Return (Nehemiah, Original, 1992)
    This song is an early original that was born out of my love for the Eddie Van Halen guitar style. Later live versions were even more Van Halen-esque. The outro lead is more in the melodic style of Neal Schon.
  10. Louder Than Hell (Nehemiah, Original, 1992)
    This is also an original that was meant to be fun. The lead is reminiscent of Joe Satriani, especially where he pulls the string off of the fretboard.
  11. Keeping Your Eyes On Me (Nehemiah, Original, 1992)
    This was my first original song. You can probably tell. It is a very simple, driving riff. The solo was done in one take. The harmonizer was added to certain phrases later.


  1. Put You In A Song (Bordertown, Live at Gilley’s)
    This is a fantastic Keith Urban song that is so much fun to play. It is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever played. Keith is an incredible guitar player but I have a feeling some of the guitar work on this album was done by his producer, Dann Huff.
  2. Hicktown (Bordertown, Live Demo, 2017)
    I’m not a big fan of Modern Country but I do like Jason Aldean. This song was written by Big & Rich, another group I like. The guitar tone on this recording could have been a lot better.
  3. Sure Be Cool If You Did (Bordertown, Live Demo, 2017)
    I love the guitar tones on the original version of this song. I did my best to re-create those on this recording.
  4. Drink On It (Bordertown, Live Demo, 2017)
    I used my American Deluxe Stratocaster on this song. It has such a great tone.
  5. Sangria (Bordertown, Live Demo, 2017)
    This song seems like it has about 20 guitar parts and they are all different. I used to dislike this song because it was way overplayed on the radio. Now that I’ve played it, it’s a pretty good song.


  1. History Maker (Nehemiah, Live Demo, 2000)
    This whole demo was recorded live to two-track. There are no overdubs and no fixing of mistakes.
  2. Pour Out Your Glory (Nehemiah, Live Demo, 2000)
    From the same live demo. Bill Rebsamen wrote this bridge and it reminds me of my favorite band, TOTO. This is so fun to play.
  3. How Long (Rediscover, Live, 1986)
    A great lead from Dann Huff, one of my favorite guitarists. The FOH engineer added the massive, repeating delays. I use delay but not that much.
  4. Place In This World (Nehemiah, Live, 1996)
    Another great Dann Huff lead. I worked my butt off to learn this.
  5. Fill Me Up (Session, 1990)
    Chuck Law asked me to put a lead part on this song. I was really getting a Genesis/Phil Collins vibe from it. Some people have said this is my best work.
  6. In Adoration (Nehemiah, Live Demo, 1996)
    This song was written by a friend, Lyle Gudmunsen. It is a very powerful song. I love that it has an orchestral feel to it.
  7. Very Soon Intro (Session, 1990)
    This jazz/funk tune was so much fun to play on. I tried to channel my inner Carlos Santana.
  8. Very Soon Lead (Session, 1990)
    This is the guitar lead on the same song. Much more laid back.
  9. Reflections Of Psalms (Nehemiah, Live Demo, 2000)
    An original by Bill Rebsamen. It is a great jazz fusion song you can get lost in.
  10. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (Nehemiah, Live Demo, 2000)
    I got to play my EBow on this one. I am playing the melody during the choruses. It almost sounds like a wind instrument. Sort of the tone of a clarinet.
  11. Your Love Is Extravagant (Nehemiah, Live Demo, 2000)
    This turned out pretty well. I think it would have sounded better on an acoustic guitar.